A Veteran Owned company, LAPALME MEDIA specializes in solutions that combine sound, video, lighting, and automation for an optimal audiovisual experience.



Kevin is a remarkable leader. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lapalme Media for the past year. During that time they have provided a platform for others to grow their gifts, talents and business. Lapalme Media understands that great leadership requires requires more than delegation, it’s about equipping and inspiring others to do what inspires them

Felix Estevez / Mediaplg

I’ve worked with Lapalme Media since the start of my career in this industry. That alone should say a lot about the reliability, client skills, and ability to do great work repeatedly. Lapalme Media excels at maintaining a calm demeanor and positive attitude in high-stress situations. When things don’t go as planned, they know what it takes to stay on schedule and can put anyone at ease. Any opportunity to work with Lapalme Media is one I know will result in a great outcome and make my job easier, and delight the client!

Michele Cortes / Alliant Events

Lapalme Media is an incredible asset, team player and brings unparalleled experience, talent, and depth of knowledge with clear vision and preparation.
Lapalme Media brings enthusiasm and passion to every project they encounter; and always strive to accomplish tasks, projects, and goals with a detailed and creative eye. Theirideas are centered around the best for the organization and the people they serve.

Dennis Liddy / Interamerica Stage


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